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Magic Harvest-

the Food Village

The Magic Harvest Program is a guide to start your own Food Village!

  • Neighbours grow food in their own gardens starting in one square metre plots (based on Lolo Houbein's One Magic Square published by Wakefield Press)
  • Create your own Village Square ... a place for everyone to come together and share produce and knowlege.  A space to hold workshops, grow a central food garden where anyone can learn how to grow and cook step by step.  The Village Square is a central Hub that can be anywhere: a Community Garden, School, Club, Workplace, Church or your own backyard)
  • Spread skills in the community with Jamie Oliver's Pass It On
  • Village Market Place - Set up local trade in your region with a Community Produce Swap

How to start your own Magic Harvest Program

It is simple to start your own group and run the Magic Harvest Program. The options are -

  1. Run your own program  using the 'Do it yourself' Magic Harvest Guidebook, email and we'll send you out a guide to help you with all the details, or
  2. Attend Workshops for Coordinators designed to assist groups to run their own program, or
  3. Facilitation - experienced facilitators can assist you in every area from group development, setting up the food gardens through to running the program for you.

Magic Harvest Networks -help to create a connected network of Food Villages across Australia! To find a Hub near you, connect with other Magic Harvest groups and coordinators contact Tori or hook up on Facebook.

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Magic Harvest Guide
The Magic Harvest Guidebook is designed for groups to run their own Magic Harvest Program.

Magic Harvest Film

Copies available of the film Magic Harvest - this inspiring documentary brings the program to life in the suburbs.  Commissioned by the 2011 Adelaide Film Festival.

How to run your Magic Harvest Program Workshops for Coordinators  - step by step assistance for your group

Magic Harvest team are available to run the Program for you assisting with everything from Coordination to Workshops Presentation



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